Why Listen?

English in 10 Minutes is based on using input – listening and reading – for language acquisition. In the following series of blog posts, Nick explains why it’s important to listen and read and how listening and reading can improve all your English skills, including speaking.

Why is listening important in language learning?

In the first post of this series, Nick introduces the importance of listening as a language skill, as a way to complement classroom teaching or as a form of self-study.

Why you should listen to authentic material

In this article, Nick talks about why it’s important to listen to authentic, unscripted material as opposed to the scripted, inauthentic listening material you often find in course books.

Monologues vs Dialogues

Listening material can take several forms. In this article, Nick looks at how dialogues (two people speaking) can be more helpful than monologues (one person speaking).

Using Transcripts

Beyond the listening material, English in 10 Minutes also comes with transcripts. In this article, Nick talks about how to use the transcripts to help you improve.

Beyond the Transcript: Using the Worksheets

Apart from transcripts, our worksheets also include comprehension questions, discussion questions, footnotes and exercises. In this article, Nick explains why these are important.

Now that you have seen how and why this method of listening and reading works, subscribe to the podcast and start improving your English today!

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