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The Way

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About The Way

The Way is our first special audio series. It tells the story of Nick and Wendy’s walk across Spain on the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

The series includes:

  • Ten exclusive new audio episodes recorded during the pilgrimage featuring our famous real, unscripted, 10-minute conversations.
  • One bonus episode which is also on the regular podcast feed.
  • Worksheets for every episode, including a full transcript of the conversation, the best language highlighted and explained, comprehension questions, and exercises.
  • A unique insight into one of the world’s most famous pilgrimages.

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Episode Guide – The Way

Episode 1: Preparation, Anticipation & Expectations
Nick and Wendy introduce the pilgrimage trail known as the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) and talk about their expectations for their upcoming walk.

Nick and Wendy ready to set off from the French village of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port on Day 1 of The Way. From here, we walked 799km to Santiago de Compostela.

Episode 2: Days 1-5 – Wake Up Songs and the Rhythm of the Camino
Nick and Wendy talk about their first five days on the trail, including walking over the Pyrenees mountains, waking up early and the daily rhythm of the pilgrimage.

Episode 3: Days 6-10 – Sore Feet, an Anniversary and a Wine Fountain
Nick and Wendy continue walking and talk about Wendy’s foot problems, spending their wedding anniversary on the camino and an unusual way to dispense wine.

Episode 4: Days 11-15 – Thunderstorms and Cathedral Chickens
On a rest day in the city of Burgos, Nick and Wendy talk about being caught in a storm while walking and seeing chickens in a cathedral.

The stunning Gothic Cathedral in Burgos. We took a rest day here on Day 15 of The Way.

Episode 5: Days 16-20: Micro-Goals and the Heat of the Meseta
Nick and Wendy enter the hot, shadeless region known as the Meseta between Burgos and León and talk about an unusual father-son pilgrim combination.

Episode 6: Days 21-25 – Walking in Cities and Meeting Father Joyful
As they reach the city of León, Nick and Wendy talk about walking through cities as pilgrims and their encounter with Father Joyful on the trail.

Episode 7: Days 26-30 – Stone Villages and the Spirit of the Camino
Nick and Wendy talk about the changing landscape now that they’re out of the Meseta, the villages they’ve been passing through, and a special place on the trail.

Finally leaving the Meseta behind, we came to the Maragato villages, where even the ruins of houses are picturesque.

Episode 8: Days 31-35 – Entering Galicia and 100kms to go
Nick and Wendy talk about staying off the beaten track in the countryside, entering their final region of Galicia, and reaching the milestone of one hundred kilometres remaining.

Episode 9: Days 36-40 – Walking in the Rain and Arriving in Santiago
Nick and Wendy talk about walking on the trail in the rain, the different vibe of the last 100 kilometres, and finally arriving in Santiago de Compostela.

Episode 10: The Destination – Santiago de Compostela
Nick and Wendy talk about the city of Santiago de Compostela itself: the Celtic atmosphere, the historical architecture, and going up to the rooftop of the cathedral (this episode is also Episode 74 in our regular podcast feed.)

The cool green forests and stone buildings of Galicia.

Episode 11: Conclusion – Reflections on Walking, Spain and Spirituality
Nick and Wendy talk about some lessons and reflections from the Camino de Santiago, including walking, a different view of Spain and, for the last time, the spirit of the camino.

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