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English in 10 Minutes is a podcast for intermediate and advanced English speakers. Each episode features real, unscripted English conversations about people, places and their stories. Each episode also comes with a full transcript to help you follow the conversation.

Watch this this short video (with subtitles) to see Nick introduce the podcast:

To discover what English in 10 Minutes is all about in more detail, why listening is important in language learning, and how the podcast can help you improve your English, listen to the 10-minute introduction episode below.

Episode 0: Introduction

You can also read the transcript of the introduction while you listen or after you finish.

To learn more, read our blog post series introducing the main themes of the podcast.

  1. Why is listening important in language learning?
  2. Why you should listen to authentic material
  3. Monologues vs Dialogues
  4. Using Transcripts
  5. Beyond the Transcript: Using the Worksheets

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